Can You Sleep With a Rabbit?

Every pet lover wants to know if it is safe to allow them to sleep in the same bed they sleep.

Like every other pet, rabbits like to sleep next to their owners instead of the conventional hutch they are meant to sleep in at night.

Rabbits generally love soft, warm, cozy, and comfortable furnishing with their owner’s scent.

While it gives you a sense of comfort and gives you company, there are some advantages and disadvantages you need to be aware of.

This article contains the advantages and disadvantages of sharing your bed with your rabbit and answers to some other questions concerning sleeping with your rabbit.

Reasons Your Rabbit Will Want To Sleep In Bed With You

There are some reasons that may cause your rabbit to insist on sleeping with you.

Below are some of them;

  • Afraid of sleeping alone.
  • Noisy, cold, or drafty hutch.
  • Uncomfortable hutch.
  • Being alone throughout the day.
  • Lack of exercise, which may cause discomfort at night.

Can You Sleep With Your Rabbit?

Can I sleep with a rabbit?

While cuddling with your rabbit for a while is an idle routine, sleeping with them for a long time is not very ideal.

Let’s carefully check out the pros and cons of sleeping with your rabbit below.

Advantages Of Sleeping With Your Rabbit

One of the major advantages of sharing a bed with your rabbit is the bond of loyalty that will exist.

Also, research has it that sleeping with animals helps in reducing stress and anxiety, and rabbits are not exempted.

If you are living alone, rabbits can serve as night watch even though they are not as aggressive as a dog.

Rabbits are light sleepers and can easily alert you when something goes wrong.

Disadvantages Of Sleeping With Your Rabbit

One of the problems you might face sleeping with your rabbit is the readiness to sleep at the same time.

You might be ready to sleep while your rabbit is not and she will require you to entertain them.

If in the end, she ends up entertaining herself, she might end up wandering around the room.

Some items might be knocked down in the process because they have bad eyesight at night.

Another disadvantage is that it might cause you discomfort via noise from their snoring because rabbits snore even when they are awake.

Personally, the last time I tried this, they urinated and defecated on my bedsheet, so it is not really a good idea, except you are ready to be washing your bedsheets every morning.

How To Get My Rabbit To Sleep At Night

Just like every other pet that finds it difficult to sleep well at night, rabbits are generally known as light sleepers.

They are vigilant and always wake up to any slight noise or movement in the house.

And since you want an undisturbed sleep at night, you can do a few tricks to make sure your rabbit is asleep at night.

You can engage your Rabbit in lots of exercise and long runs during the day to make them exhausted.

But, rabbits have an enormous supply of energy and are likely to play for an hour or two before sleeping which is better than not sleeping at all.

Below are some of the frequently asked question on the topic and answer to them;

Can I Sleep Next To My Rabbit?

Yes, you can. Rabbits generally love soft, warm, and cozy bedding.

They love soft furnishings and will surely take comfort in their owner’s scent.

They also love cuddling with their owners if they get the chance.

Can I keep A Rabbit In My Bedroom?

Yes, you can because rabbits can live quite happily indoors and they should be provided with secure accommodation where they can feel safe, sleep, use a particular area as a toilet, and be confined when unsupervised.

Do Rabbits Like To Be Cuddled?

Bunnies are super-soft, and many will love cuddling with you as much as you love cuddling with them.

Why Does My Bunny Like My Bed So Much?

Bunnies just like other pets, are social animals and enjoy spending time with their owners.

Also, as said earlier, rabbits enjoy soft and cozy places to rest, and your bed may be that place.

Remember that bunnies are prey animals, so they naturally seek out safe and secure spaces to rest.  So, if your bunny feels your bed is safe and secure, it may be more likely to spend time there.

Do Rabbits Like To Sleep On Blackets?

Rabbits, like most animals, have their own individual preferences when it comes to sleeping.

Some rabbits may enjoy sleeping on blankets, while others may prefer a more open sleeping area.

Note that rabbits are burrowing pets and may also enjoy having a comfortable bed made out of hay or other plant materials.

Observe your rabbit’s behavior and preferences to determine what type of bedding they prefer.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Can Sharing A Sleeping Space Help Strengthen The Bond Between A Rabbit And Its Owner?

Physical closeness can promote bonding, but it is safer and more appropriate to bond with your rabbit during waking hours through play, grooming, and gentle handling.

Are There Any Specific Rabbit Breeds Or Personalities That May Be More Suitable For Sharing A Sleeping Space?

No specific breeds or personalities are more suitable for sharing sleeping space, as the risks generally outweigh the benefits.

Can Sharing A Sleeping Space With A Rabbit Lead To Any Behavioral Issues Or Disruptions In Their Routine?

It may disrupt the rabbit's natural sleep cycle, as rabbits are crepuscular and may be more active during dawn and dusk, leading to sleep disturbances for both parties.

Are There Any Health Or Hygiene Concerns Related To Sleeping With A Rabbit In Your Bed?

Health and hygiene concerns include potential allergies, the spread of bacteria or parasites, and the risk of your rabbit soiling your bed.


While it may be nice sleeping with your rabbit, it is important to also know some of the damages that may come with it.

If after checking the pros and cons and you still want to go on with it, it is okay.

Just read through the article carefully to know if your rabbit can sleep with you.

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