Do Rabbits Eat Roses?

Have you ever wondered if rabbits eat roses?

Roses are flowering plants that belong to the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae. They are widely known and cultivated for their beautiful and fragrant flowers.

In this article, we will discuss the composition, benefits, risks, and how to safely offer roses to your bunnies.

Do Rabbits Eat Roses?

Yes. Rabbits can indeed eat roses.

The rose plant, including the petals, and leaves are safe for rabbits to eat. Gardeners may feel frustrated when wild rabbits nibble on roses within their gardens.

However, although it’s safe for rabbits to eat roses, you should gradually introduce any new food into their diet and monitor for any changes in their behavior or bowel movements.

Nutritional Value of Roses

Roses are primarily ornamental plants, and they are not commonly consumed as a significant food source.

However, according to USDA FoodData Central, these are some nutrients found in edible rose products, such as rose hips (the fruit of the rose plant).

Nutrient Approximate Content in Rose Hips
Vitamin C 1700-2000 mg/100g
Vitamin A 1690 IU/100g
Calcium 169 mg/100g
Iron 0.86 mg/100g
Magnesium 18 mg/100g
Potassium 280 mg/100g
Phosphorus 18 mg/100g
Protein 1.6 g/100g
Fat 0.6 g/100g
Carbohydrates 38 g/100g
Fiber 24 g/100g

Benefits of Feeding Roses to Rabbits

Roses can provide some benefits to your bunny:

1. High in Fiber:
Rabbits need a diet high in fiber to keep their digestive systems functioning properly. Roses, primarily their stems and leaves, are rich in fiber, making them beneficial to a rabbit’s gut health.

2. Vitamin C Content:
Vitamin C, which is essential for general health and wellbeing, is found in roses. Rabbits cannot produce this vitamin naturally and need to obtain it from their diet.

3. Mental Stimulation:
Chewing and foraging behavior are essential activities for rabbits. By introducing a variety of textures and flavors such as those found in rose plants, you stimulate these behaviors and enrich your rabbit’s environment.

4. Hydration:
Roses have a high water content which can contribute to keeping your rabbit hydrated. However, water from their diet isn’t a substitute for fresh drinking water which should always be available.

5. Natural Treat:
Roses can be used as a healthy, natural treat. They’re a much better option compared to commercial, often sugar-laden, rabbit treats.

Risks of Feeding Roses to Rabbits

Despite the numerous benefits, feeding roses to rabbits comes with a few potential risks:

1. Pesticides and Herbicides:
Roses grown commercially or even in private gardens are often sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals to keep pests away.

These substances can be harmful, if not fatal, to rabbits. Only feed your rabbit roses that you know are free of such chemicals.

2. Overfeeding:
While roses are beneficial, they shouldn’t make up a large portion of your rabbit’s diet. Overfeeding can lead to nutritional imbalances and obesity.

Hay should make up the majority of a rabbit’s diet, with roses and other treats offered in moderation.

3. Thorns:
Some varieties of roses have thorns that can cause harm to your rabbit. Always remove any thorns before giving roses to your rabbit.

4. Individual Sensitivity:
Just like humans, rabbits can have individual food sensitivities. What suits one rabbit may not necessarily suit another.

Slowly introduce any new food, including roses, and monitor your rabbit for any signs of digestive upset.

How to Feed Roses to Rabbits

To reduce the risks when feeding roses to your bunnies, you should follow these guidelines which cover the preparation, serving size, and frequency.

1. Preparation

If you’re feeding roses from your garden, ensure they’re free from any chemical treatments.

If you’re unsure, it’s better to avoid feeding them to your rabbit.

For store-bought roses, go for organic ones to be safe.

2. How Much Roses Should a Rabbit Eat

Start by offering a small quantity and observe your rabbit for any adverse reactions.

If your rabbit tolerates roses well, you can gradually increase the amount. A few rose petals or a small rose leaf can be a nice treat.

3. Can Rabbits Eat Roses Everyday

As with all treats, roses should be fed in moderation.

A couple of times a week is a good guideline.

Signs Of Adverse Reaction To Eating Roses

Roses are generally safe for rabbits, but individual rabbits may react differently.

Watch out for any signs of digestive upset such as diarrhea, changes in appetite, lethargy, or changes in behavior.

If you notice any of these signs after feeding your rabbit roses, discontinue feeding them and consult your vet.

Alternative Flowers For Rabbits

Other safe flowers for rabbits include chamomile, marigold, dandelion, and nasturtium.

Remember to introduce them gradually and always ensure they’re pesticide-free.

Flowers To Avoid

Some flowers can be harmful or even toxic to rabbits.

Avoid feeding your rabbit lilies, foxgloves, rhododendron, and chrysanthemums, among others.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

How Do I Keep Rabbits From Eating My Roses?

Rabbits can indeed damage roses by eating the buds, leaves, and even the bark.

To prevent them, you could use a physical barrier like a fence.

The fence should be at least 2 feet high and extend about 6 inches below ground to prevent rabbits from digging under it.

Alternatively, you could use commercial rabbit repellents available at garden centers, or make homemade repellents from ingredients like garlic and chili powder.

Do Rabbits Like To Eat Rose Petals?

Yes, rabbits can eat rose petals and often enjoy doing so.

However, as said earlier, you should make sure that the roses haven’t been treated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals before offering them to your rabbit.

What Flower Does Rabbit Eat?

Rabbits can eat a variety of flowers including rose petals, marigolds, dandelions, pansies, and clover.

But, always make sure that any flower you offer is safe for rabbits to eat and not infested.

Can Rabbits Eat Pink Roses?

Yes, rabbits can eat pink roses.

Just like with other colors of roses, you should make sure they haven’t been treated with any pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

Do Rabbits Eat Roses Seeds?

Rabbits might nibble on rose seeds, but they are not a significant part of their diet and it’s not something you should intentionally feed them.

Can Rabbits Eat Rose Stems?

Although they can eat them, we don’t recommend feeding rose stems to rabbits.

The stems can be tough and prickly, and they may pose a choking hazard or cause harm to the rabbit’s mouth.

Can Rabbits Eat Rose Petals And Leaves?

Yes, rabbits can eat rose petals and leaves.

What Flowers Do Rabbits Not Eat?

Rabbits typically avoid plants that are poisonous or unpalatable to them.

These include flowers like foxglove, monkshood, lily of the valley, oleander, and poppies, among others.

However, when food is scarce, rabbits may resort to eating plants they would typically avoid, so the best defense is a good fence or other physical barrier.


Roses can be a good and beneficial addition to your rabbit’s diet.

But obey the golden rule of moderation, and always prioritize their basic dietary need for hay, leafy greens, and vegetables.

And always, if you’re unsure about a specific food or notice any changes in your rabbit’s health, consult with a trusted vet.

We hope this article helped you know if rabbits do eat roses. If you have further questions, comment below and we will answer them.

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