What Is: Declawing

Declawing is a surgical procedure where the claw and the bone it is attached to are removed, effectively removing the ability to scratch.

Declawing is not a practice that is applicable or recommended for rabbits, it is mostly practiced in cats.

Rabbits have different types of claws compared to cats, and their nails grow continuously throughout their life.

Rather than considering declawing, proper care for a rabbit’s nails involves regular trimming and maintenance to prevent overgrowth and injury.

Nail trimming should be done every 4-6 weeks, depending on how quickly your rabbit’s nails grow.

It’s essential to learn how to trim your rabbit’s nails properly or seek assistance from a veterinarian or experienced rabbit caretaker to avoid injuring the blood vessels within the nails (known as the quick).

Cutting the quick can cause pain and bleeding for your rabbit.

Proper nail care helps ensure your rabbit’s comfort and prevents them from scratching themselves, their surroundings, or their caretakers accidentally.

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