What Is: Hay

In Rabbitry, Hay is grass, legumes, or other herbaceous plants that have been cut and dried to be stored for use as rabbit food.

It is an essential part of a rabbit’s diet and provides many important nutrients that rabbits need to stay healthy.

Hay is high in fiber, which is important for a rabbit’s digestive system. It helps keep the digestive tract moving and prevents blockages, which can be fatal to rabbits.

In addition to fiber, hay also provides rabbits with protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Types of Hay for Rabbits

There are several types of hay that are suitable for rabbits, including;

  • Timothy hay
  • Alfalfa hay
  • Oat hay, and
  • Meadow hay

Timothy hay is the most commonly used hay for rabbits because it is high in fiber and low in protein and calcium.

Alfalfa hay is also a popular choice, especially for young rabbits, as it is high in protein and calcium, which are important for growth.

However, it is not recommended for adult rabbits as it can cause bladder stones and other health problems.

Oat hay and meadow hay are also good options for rabbits, but they are not as widely available as timothy and alfalfa hay.

Oat hay is higher in protein and fat than timothy hay, while meadow hay is a mix of different grasses and provides a variety of nutrients.

Importance of Hay for Rabbits

Hay is an essential part of a rabbit’s diet and should make up the majority of their food intake.

Rabbits have a unique digestive system that requires a high-fiber diet to stay healthy.

Without enough fiber, a rabbit’s digestive tract can slow down, leading to blockages and other health problems.

In addition to keeping the digestive system healthy, hay also helps wear down a rabbit’s teeth, which continue to grow throughout its life.

Chewing on hay helps prevent overgrown teeth and dental problems.


Hay is a crucial component of a rabbit’s diet. It provides rabbits with the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy, including fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Timothy hay is the most commonly used hay for rabbits, but other types, such as alfalfa, oat, and meadow hay, are also suitable.

It is important to provide rabbits with a constant supply of hay to maintain a healthy digestive system and prevent dental problems.

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