What Is: Molting

Molting is the natural process where rabbits shed their old fur and replace it with new fur.

This occurs periodically throughout a rabbit’s life and is a normal part of its growth and maintenance.

Molting helps rabbits to maintain a healthy and clean coat, as well as to adapt to seasonal changes in temperature.

Rabbits can experience several types of molts:

  1. Light molt: This type of molt is a minor fur shedding, which can occur intermittently throughout the year.
  2. Heavy molt: A more significant shedding of fur that typically happens once or twice a year, usually in the spring and fall as the rabbit’s coat adjusts to the changing seasons.
  3. Baby molt: Baby rabbits go through a molt when they are around 4-5 months old as they transition from their baby coat to their adult coat.

During molting, you should brush your rabbit regularly to help remove loose fur and prevent the formation of hairballs, as rabbits may groom themselves and ingest the fur.

A slicker brush or a fine-toothed comb can be used for this purpose.

Also, providing your rabbit with a high-fiber diet, mainly consisting of hay, can aid their digestive system in passing any ingested fur.

If you notice excessive fur loss or bald patches that don’t seem to be associated with molting, consult a veterinarian, as this may be a sign of underlying health issues or parasites.

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