What Is: Nest

A nest refers to a special area prepared by a pregnant doe (female rabbit) for the purpose of giving birth and raising her kits (baby rabbits).

This behavior is an instinctive part of the rabbit’s preparation for kindling, or giving birth.

In the wild, does create nests in burrows or other secluded spots that provide protection from predators and harsh weather conditions.

The nest is usually a shallow, bowl-shaped depression in the ground that the doe lines with grass, leaves, and other available materials.

In a domestic setting, a doe will prepare a nest in a similar fashion.

If she is housed in a cage or hutch, she will often choose a corner or secluded spot to make her nest.

She’ll gather bedding materials provided by the owner, such as hay, straw, or paper, and arrange them to form the nest.

As the time for kindling draws closer, the doe will also pull fur from her own body, usually from the chest and belly area, to line the nest, providing extra warmth and comfort for her kits.

You should provide suitable nesting materials and a safe, quiet space for their rabbits during this time.

After the kits are born, the nest serves as their home for the first few weeks of life, until they are mature enough to leave the nest and start exploring their environment on their own.

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