How High Can a Rabbit Jump?

Have you ever wondered how high a rabbit can jump?

Rabbits are hyperactive animals and can jump up to two(2) feet high depending on the rabbits’ age, breed, and overall health status.

In this article, we have discussed how high a rabbit can jump and the factors that influence the height a rabbit can jump.

How High Can A Rabbit Jump?

Healthy rabbits can jump up to two(2) feet high and even more depending on the present environmental factors such as evading obstacles and predators, etc.

Also, the age, breed, general health status, and environmental factors of a rabbit largely determine how high a rabbit can jump.

Factors That Affect a Rabbit’s Jumping Height

Below are some key factors that largely determine how high a rabbit can jump:

1. Age

The height a rabbit can jump reduces as rabbits advance in age. Rabbits that are young in age have the ability to jump higher than older rabbits.

2. Weight

Obese rabbits find it more difficult to jump very high than rabbits that have normal weight.

High sugar consumption is the major cause of obesity in rabbits.

You should always provide your rabbits with food that has high fiber and low sugar such as hay, fresh vegetables, etc. at all times so as to avoid your bunnies from being overweight.

3. Breed

Naturally, some breeds of rabbits jump higher than other breeds.

For instance, the Belgian Hare and Holland Op are known for their jumping abilities.

4. Health

The overall health status of a rabbit is the main determinant factor of how high the rabbit can jump.

An injured or sick rabbit would not jump as high as a healthy rabbit would.

5. Environment

The height a rabbit can jump is also largely determined by some environmental factors.

For instance, a soft surface like grass may not provide as much needed friction as a hard surface like concrete.

Also, if a rabbit is confined in a space, he or she would not be able to jump great heights due to the confinement.

How Far Can A Rabbit Jump?

This is determined to a great extent by the rabbit’s age, breed, overall health status, and environmental factors.

On average, a healthy rabbit can jump up to a horizontal distance of 3 feet and even more in a single jump provided there’s enough space.

Naturally, rabbits tend to jump more vertical heights than horizontal distances due to their powerful hind legs which enables them to jump vertically than horizontally.

How High Can Rabbits Jump Over Fence?

Rabbits can jump over fences that are up to three (3) feet high or less.

Athletic breeds of rabbits may also be able to jump over fences that are above three (3) feet in height.

It is also worth noting that rabbits have the capability to dig holes, therefore, you should ensure that your fence is cast at least two (2) feet below the earth’s surface to prevent them from escaping.

How High Can Cottontail Rabbits Jump?

Cottontail rabbits are widely known for their ability to jump great heights.

Cottontail rabbits are typically smaller than other rabbit species but still have a record of jumping great heights which enables them to evade obstacles and predators in their environment.

A healthy adult cottontail rabbit can jump up to two (2) feet high on average.

How High Can A Lionhead Rabbit Jump?

Lionhead rabbits are a breed of domestic rabbits that are known for their long, fluffy manes and compact size.

A healthy adult lionhead rabbit can jump up to two (2) feet high or more depending on the rabbit’s overall health, weight, and age.

How High Can Jack Rabbits Jump?

Jackrabbits are a type of hare that are known for their incredible speed, agility, and their ability to jump heights.

A young and healthy jackrabbit can jump up to six (6) feet in a single jump which enables them to escape predators, and obstacles and also navigate their environment.

Can Rabbits Jump Off Bed?

Yes, rabbits can jump off the bed.

Rabbits are social and affectionate animals and they may wish to lie beside their carer in the bed.

Rabbits often jump off the bed if they’re tired of sleeping and want to play.

Rabbits could also jump off the bed to protect themselves if they hear strange and loud noises or see a predator.

We recommend that you always protect your rabbits from falling from great heights as they can break their legs or sustain other injuries.


Rabbits are hyperactive animals and can jump up to two (2) feet high and even more depending on their age, weight, overall health, and environmental conditions.

We hope this article helped you know how high a rabbit can jump. If you have further questions comment below and we will answer them.

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