Why Do Rabbits Dig Shallow Holes

Why Do Rabbits Dig Shallow Holes?

Is your rabbit digging shallow holes? Rabbits are popular for digging holes in the ground. For their safety and protection from predators, they dig holes in the ground called warrens that form sizable colonies for … [Read More]

Why Does My Rabbit Run Away From Me

Why Does My Rabbit Run Away From Me?

Has your bunny been running away from you? Rabbits are social and clever animals and, just like any other pets, they may show some funny behavior from time to time. Their behavior sometimes might baffle … [Read More]

Can Rabbits Eat Cooked Vegetables

Can Rabbits Eat Cooked Vegetables?

Do you want to offer your rabbits some cooked vegetables from your kitchen? Rabbits have dietary requirements that should be followed so that they can be healthy. Fresh vegetables, leafy greens, and hay pellets form … [Read More]

Why Is My Bunny Sleeping Too Much

Why Is My Bunny Sleeping Too Much?

Have your rabbits suddenly started sleeping too much and you are wondering what could be the possible reason for that? Sleeping is a normal thing for rabbits, but when it gets too much, it can … [Read More]

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me?

Is your rabbit following you around and everywhere you go? Rabbits are very social animals that like spending time with their owners. They see their human companions as sources of comfort and security and will … [Read More]

How Long Can A Rabbit Go Without Water?

How Long Can a Rabbit Go Without Water?

Ever wondered how long a rabbit can go without water? Rabbits are herbivorous animals and their diet consists majorly of hay, fresh vegetables, specially formulated pellets like biscuits, Weetabix, etc., and fresh fruits like nectarines. … [Read More]

Can Rabbits Eat Pasta?

Can Rabbits Eat Pasta?

Can rabbits eat pasta? Pasta is rampant in every household, if you have a rabbit as a pet, it is normal to ask if your rabbit can enjoy this high carbohydrate meal too. In this … [Read More]

Can Rabbits Eat Cracked Corn

Can Rabbits Eat Cracked Corn?

Are you wondering if rabbits can eat cracked corn? Rabbits are herbivorous animals that require a high-fiber diet to maintain their digestive health. While hay and fresh vegetables should form a greater part of their … [Read More]

Can Rabbits Eat Beet Green

Can Rabbits Eat Beet Green?

Do you want to give beet green to your rabbits? It is important to be mindful of what your bunny consumes because they have a delicate digestive system and are sensitive to certain types of … [Read More]