What Do Rabbits Think About

What Do Rabbits Think About?

Have you ever asked yourself, what do rabbits think about? The study of rabbits’ psychology has shown that just like humans, rabbits have instincts that enable them to survive, interact and adapt to their immediate … [Read More]

Why Does My Rabbit Flip Her Food Bowl

Why Does My Rabbit Flip Her Food Bowl?

Have you ever asked yourself, why does my rabbit flip her food bowl? Flipping of food bowls and water bowls is a common and normal behavior among rabbits. Attention, territorial behavior, etc. are among the … [Read More]

Why Is My Rabbits Hyper at Night?

Why Is My Rabbit Hyper At Night?

Ever wonder why your rabbits get hyper at night? Rabbits are not popular for being rowdy or noisy pets. However, rabbits get far too active or hyper at night when they are trying to get … [Read More]

How To Separate Rabbit Poop From Hay

How To Separate Rabbit Poop from Hay

Ever wonder how to separate rabbit poop from hay? Hay should make up to 80% of your rabbit’s feed. Hay is so important to keep your rabbit intestine healthy and functional. Rabbits or rather some rabbits … [Read More]

Why Is My Bunnies Ear Hot?

Why Is My Bunny’s Ear Hot?

Do you notice your bunny’s ear getting hot all of a sudden? When you notice that your rabbit’s ear feels hot, it could be a cause for alarm.  In some species of rabbits, this may … [Read More]

Can Rabbits Have Ice Cubes?

Can Rabbits Have Ice Cubes?

Can rabbits have ice cubes? In rabbits, heat stroke is one of the alarming things to look out for during the summer. Special care should be given to rabbits during the heat period, especially the … [Read More]

Can Angora Rabbits live Outside?

Can Angora Rabbits Live Outside?

Can angora rabbits live outside? The decision to keep an Angora rabbit outside will depend on your specific circumstances and the climate in your area. In this article, we will let know if angora rabbits … [Read More]

Can Rabbits Eat Blueberries

Can Rabbits Eat Blueberries

Are you wondering if it’s healthy to feed your rabbit with blueberries? Yes, blueberries are safe and nutritious for your bunny to feed on.  You only need to feed blueberries to your rabbit occasionally.  Blueberries … [Read More]