Why Do Rabbits Jump Over Each Other?

Ever wondered why rabbits jump over each other?

Rabbits are very friendly and fun animals to have around and they express their mood through sounds and different body language, including jumping.

That’s why there should be enough space in their hutch for them to do this.

In this article, we’ll let you know the reasons why rabbits jump over each other, and other behavior of rabbits.

Why Do Rabbits Jump Over Each Other?
Rabbits Jumping Over Each Other

Why Do Rabbits Jump Over Each Other?

Rabbits jump over each other when they’re excited, playing, showing affection to each other, or as a way of exhibiting dominance.

If you’re a bunny owner or carer, you must have observed that when your bunnies are playing, or courting, they usually jump over each other.

Male rabbits also known as bucks usually jump over female rabbits also known as doe during courtship as a way of displaying their strength and agility.

On the other hand, the doe would also reciprocate by jumping over the buck to express their interest and acceptance to the males.

Rabbits jumping over each is also a sign of dominance especially when they’re competing for food such as hay, fresh vegetables, specially formulated pellets such as biscuits, Weetabix, or fresh fruits like nectarines.

Note: When you see your bunnies jumping, always go closer, to be sure that it is what it is, some years ago, we lost 2 bunnies on our farm to army ants because we were not so attentive, we never knew it was the ants that were making them jump endlessly.

Do Rabbits Have A Mating Ritual?

Yes, chasing the female rabbits by the male rabbits, making grunting sounds, scent marking, etc. are some mating rituals of rabbits.

When you keep male and female rabbits together, chances are that they’d start exhibiting some mating rituals and eventually copulate.

The mating ritual entails the male rabbits or buck chasing the female rabbits or doe and the female rabbits respond and show their readiness to mate by either running around or away from the buck.

Scent marking is another ritual mating of rabbits which entails the buck showing dominance and marking their territory with their urine.

If the doe is ready to copulate, she will take an inviting position that would attract the male rabbit by crouching down with her hindquarters raised.

At this point, the male rabbit would mount her and they’d start mating.

Do Rabbits Jump For Joy?

Yes, rabbits jump when they’re excited.

My bunnies express their excitement by jumping when I feed them with occasional treats like pasta, fresh fruits like nectarines, and specially formulated pellets like Weetabix.

Bunnies usually jump, run in circles, or even do a binky – a sudden, high jump with a twist in mid-air when they’re joyous.

During binkies, rabbits usually flick their ears or tail which is an expression of extreme joy.

How Do You Know If Rabbits Are Fighting?

Below are some of the signs that show that rabbits are fighting:

Fur Pulling

The pulling of fur is a sign of a fight among rabbits.

During fights, rabbits usually pull each other’s fur which leaves bald patches on the affected areas.

Aggressive Behavior

Biting, growling, lunging, vigorously chasing each other, etc. are some signs that show that your rabbits are fighting.

Territorial Behavior

Bunnies like to show dominance in their territory and can go extreme to protect their territory.

A rabbit that is in his or her territory could turn aggressive towards other rabbits around which he or she sees as a threat.

This aggressive behavior towards other rabbits could be a sign of fighting for dominance.


Naturally, male rabbits usually mount the female rabbits during copulation.

But when this mounting suddenly turns aggressive, it becomes a sign of fighting between the buck and the doe in question.

How Do You Know If Rabbits Will Get Along?

Previous experiences with other rabbits, breed of rabbit, personality, sex, age, etc. are some of the factors that determine if rabbits will get along.

Below are some common signs that would help you to know if rabbits will get along:

Playful Behavior

Running and jumping together, sharing toys, etc. are some playful behaviors that show that rabbits are living in harmony.

Calm Behavior

Bunnies tend to exhibit some signs of anxiety when they meet their fellow rabbits for the first time.

If on the flip side, rabbits maintain a calm and relaxed behavior when a new rabbit is introduced to him or them, it could be a sign that the rabbits will get along.

Mutual Grooming

Grooming is a sign of affection and bonding between rabbits.

If the rabbits start to groom each other, it’s a sign that they’re enjoying each other’s company and would likely get along.

No Aggressive Behavior

Pulling fur, biting, or aggressively chasing each other are some behaviors that rabbits would not get along with each other.

On the other hand, if the rabbits do not exhibit any of the aforementioned characteristics when new rabbits are introduced to them, it’s a sign that they’d get along.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Are There Certain Breeds Of Rabbits That Are More Likely To Jump Over Each Other?

There are no specific breeds of rabbits that are more likely to jump over each other, as this behavior can vary among individuals.

Are There Any Risks Or Dangers Associated With Rabbits Jumping Over Each Other?

There is a risk of injury if rabbits are not careful when jumping over each other, such as if they collide in mid-air or land awkwardly.

How Can You Tell If Your Rabbits Are Comfortable With Jumping Over Each Other?

If rabbits are comfortable with jumping over each other, they will display relaxed body language and engage in the behavior willingly. If they are not comfortable, they may display signs of stress or aggression.

Can Rabbits Be Trained Not To Jump Over Each Other?

Rabbits can be trained through positive reinforcement and consistent training to refrain from jumping over each other, but this behavior is natural for them and it may be difficult to eliminate completely.

How Can You Create A Safe Environment For Rabbits To Jump And Play With Each Other?

You can create a safe environment for rabbits to jump and play by providing plenty of space, soft surfaces, and ensuring that there are no sharp or dangerous objects in the area. You should also supervise the rabbits and monitor their behavior to ensure they are not getting too rough with each other.


Excitement, playing, affection, courtship behavior, etc. are some of the reasons why rabbits jump over each other.

We hope this article helped answer your questions.

If you have any further questions, comment below and we will answer them.

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