Why Do Rabbits Thump?

Ever wondered why rabbits thump?

Rabbits have several ways of expressing their feelings to their carers and thumping is one of these ways.

Thumping is a behavior where a rabbit forcefully hits its hind legs against the ground which usually signifies distress, unusual smell or sound, or a perceived danger in their vicinity.

This article discusses in detail the various reasons why rabbits thump.

Why Do Rabbits Thump?

Rabbits thump to communicate with other rabbits for a perceived danger, and unusual smell in their environment.

Rabbits also thump to communicate their anger, frustration, and distress to their carers or owners.

Bunnies also thump when they want to get your attention such as when they’re hungry.

Why Does My Rabbit Thump At Night?

Rabbits thump at night when they are scared, sense danger around their environment such as predators, when they’re in distress, etc.

Rabbits may also thump at night if they need your attention perhaps when they’re hungry.

How Do I Know If My Rabbit Is Happy?

Rabbits have several ways of expressing their emotional state such as honking, grunting, purring, etc.

Below are some of the ways to know when your bunny is happy.

1. Purring

Purring is when a rabbit gently rubs its teeth together which is a sign of happiness and relaxation.

If your bunny purrs, it signifies that he or she is in a very happy state.

2. Active and Playful Behavior

Rabbits are hyperactive animals and express their happy state through several actions and behaviors.

Jumping over each other, hopping, running around, playing with toys, following you around, etc. are some of the ways to know that your bunny is happy.

3. Relaxed Body Language

When a bunny is happy, it would usually take a relaxed position with her tail pointing upwards and ears pointing forward.

Also, when rabbits are happy, they lie down on their side or back, which is a sign that they feel secure and comfortable around you.

4. Healthy Appetite

Hay, fresh vegetables, specially formulated pellets like biscuits and Weetabix, fruits like nectarines, and freshwater are healthy diets for rabbits.

Rabbits tend to eat more when they’re happy especially when you feed them with treats like pasta, dried fruits, tea, etc.

5. Social Behavior

Rabbits are social animals and would always want to bond with their carers.

A happy rabbit would likely groom you, nudge you, or come close to you when you call her name.

Also, a happy rabbit would always want to lie beside you on the same bed.

Do Rabbits Thump For Attention?

Yes, rabbits also thump to get the attention of their carer.

Rabbits use thumping to draw the attention of their carer when they’re bored, in a happy mood, and want to play, and also when they’re hungry.

On the other hand, rabbits thump to communicate to their carer about potential danger, distress, anxiety, fear, and unusual noise within their environment.

Why Do Male Rabbits Thump?

Male rabbits thump for several reasons which include attention, fear, danger, distress, etc. within their environment.

Also, male rabbits may thump as a way of exhibiting territorial dominance over other rabbits and animals.

Male bunnies also thump to get the attention of the female or doe when they’re in the mood to mate.

Why Do Female Rabbits Thump?

Female rabbits thump to show communicate danger, fear, distress, and strange sound in their environment to their carer.

Doe or female rabbits may also thump when they’re in a happy mood to get the attention of their carer.

Female rabbits also thump to exhibit territorial dominance.

Why Is My Rabbit Stomping For No Reason?

Getting attention, perceived danger, distress, and territorial behavior are some of the reasons why rabbits stomp.

If your rabbit stomps, there are tendencies that he or she must have seen or noticed an unusual sound, or figure, or is having some emotional challenges such as anger, frustration, etc., or physical challenge such as predator, unpleasant smell, etc.

From my years of experience, rabbits do not stomp for no reason, there must be a reason for a rabbit to stomp.

We recommend you pay close attention to your bunny if you notice that it stomps frequently without any visible physical reason(s).

Why Do Rabbits Thump In Their Hutch?

Rabbits thump in their hutch when they see a possible threat or danger outside their hutch such as a predator, unusual noise, smell, etc.

Also, rabbits thump in their hutch when they feel distressed or frustrated due to poor ventilation, insufficient space, etc.

Why Do Rabbits Lick You?

Rabbits lick humans to show affection, groom, and also to bond with the person.

Bunnies also lick humans when they’re happy to express their excitement and also to get your attention when they need to be provided with treats.

On the other hand, when rabbits lick each other, it is a form of grooming that helps to maintain their fur and keep it clean.


Rabbits thump for several reasons which include communicating fear, danger, threat, unusual sound, anger, frustration, distress, etc. to their carer and also to other rabbits.

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