Why Does My Rabbit Run Away From Me?

Has your bunny been running away from you?

Rabbits are social and clever animals and, just like any other pets, they may show some funny behavior from time to time. Their behavior sometimes might baffle us humans. 

Sometimes you will just imagine how on earth your rabbit will run away from you. I mean your rabbit that you have raised.

In this article, we will look at what might be the reason why your rabbit runs away from you and what to do to stop your rabbit from running away from you.

Why Does My Rabbit Run Away From Me?

Your rabbits may run away from you because of fear and lack of trust.

Your rabbits can also run away from you when you try forcing them to do what they don’t want to do.

For example when you want to put them back in their cage.

Most times when your rabbit runs away from you, it doesn’t mean it won’t come around again, running is just a behavior that they adopt to help them feel safe.

If you don’t want your rabbit to run away from you then do the following.

  • Spending enough time with your rabbit will enable your rabbit to build trust in you and make them comfortable staying with you without the fear of being harmed.
  • You should be conscious of how you approach your rabbits.
  • Try picking your Rabbits up occasionally and putting them back in their enclosure, this will make them recognize you.

Why Does My Rabbit Run Away From Me

Reason Why Your Rabbit Run Away from You.

Here are some of the reasons in detail.

Fear of Human 

In the wild, rabbit is a hardwired prey animals, and because of that, they see people or humans as a predator.  This is because wild rabbits are not used to receiving affection from people.

However, the case is a little bit different for domestic rabbits, they are more social and friendly only when they socialize with humans at a young age, but you can never tell, your rabbit might have learned that humans are scary beings.

Many of us usually think that bunnies are cuddly pets, but truth be told, a greater percentage of rabbits don’t like to be held.

They feel trapped any time they are picked up and this will frighten them because they won’t be able to run away. 

To reduce the chance of them running away from you, you must play with your rabbit on their terms.

You must avoid picking them up as much as you want.

Your Bunny Feels Trapped

As we wrote earlier, rabbits naturally don’t want to be picked up for whatever reason.

Once you always get your rabbit to a corner before picking them up and putting them back in its enclosure, your rabbit will start running away from you anytime you approach.

Once they see you approaching they will do their best to run away from you, because they know that you are going to pick them up. When a rabbit senses danger their instinct would direct them to run away.

Remember that rabbits are fast learners, over time they will learn from your behavior and body language. 

Once you approach them with your hands out, they already know what is coming, and they will try to escape from the claws of your hand.

When Your Bunny Is Angry and Frightened

The fact today is, like human beings, rabbits hold grudges! Are you surprised? You should not be because rabbits are also emotional animals.

When your rabbit feels that you are not giving them your attention or spoiling them with sweet treats, they will get angry and start avoiding you.

As funny as it sounds, it is true. My little furry friend would afford me for hours if I have not given him enough treats.

Before they will run away from you, there is something you did to them that got them angry. Just think and try to avoid such a thing.

What To Do If Your Rabbit Doesn’t Like You

How do you know that your rabbit is not happy with you? Are there any signs you should look up to?

When your bunny doesn’t like you, they won’t only run away from you, but they will also ignore you too, not wanting you to handle them.

However, that behavior doesn’t mean that your rabbits hate you. Unlike other pets like dogs and cats, rabbits can take some time before they are fully comfortable with their new owner.

If your rabbit is exhibiting those behaviors at his early stage of adoption, then no cause for alarm.

It’s just that your little friend needs more time to get used to you.

How Do I Get My Rabbit To Bond With Me?

Bonding with your rabbit would take time and patience, but there are a few things you can do to help your rabbit feel more comfortable and build trust with you:

Spend Time With Your Rabbit

Spend time sitting quietly near your rabbit’s enclosure, reading, or working on a quiet activity.

This will help your rabbit get used to your presence and associate you with positive experiences.

Offer Treats And Positive Reinforcement

Offer your rabbit healthy treats, such as fresh vegetables or a small piece of fruit, to encourage them to approach you.

Use positive reinforcement, such as a gentle pat or praise, to reinforce good behavior and help your rabbit associate you with positive experiences.

Play With Your Rabbit

Rabbits love to play and can be very playful when they feel comfortable and safe. Offer your rabbit-safe toys, such as cardboard boxes or paper towel rolls, and play gently with them to help build a positive bond.

Provide A Safe And Comfortable Environment

Make sure your rabbit has a safe and comfortable environment to live in, with plenty of space to move around and access to fresh water, hay, and vegetables.

Provide a hiding spot, such as a cardboard box or a cozy enclosure, where your rabbit can retreat to if they feel scared or overwhelmed.

Be Patient and Consistent

Bonding with a rabbit takes time and patience.

Be consistent in your interactions with your rabbit and avoid sudden movements or loud noises that may startle them.

Remember that every rabbit is different, and it may take time for your rabbit to feel comfortable and trust you.


Several factors can make your rabbit run away from you. Ranging from sickness, and fear, when they feel trapped.

However, you should be able to control that factor and develop a good bond with your rabbit but don’t force things.

We hoped this article helped you know why your rabbit may be running away from you and how to bond with them.

If you have any other questions, please comment below.

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